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Feeding Pups raw

Puppies need to be introduced to bone and offal slowly with a very low bone content and hardly any offal to start with until the flora bacteria in their digestive tract has been fully established which can take a few weeks.

  • for 3 to 4 days feed Green tripe mince
  • Then feed 1/4 premium chicken mince and 3/4 green beef tripe for about a week
  • Then gradually increase the ratio to 50/50...once your happy with your pups stools (should be firm and easy to pass) you can move on to the next step.
  • Next feed a complete with a new protein ie lamb..feed 50/50 with green tripe and over the next few days to a week gradually increase the ratio to 75% complete and 25% green tripe . Watching your pups stools as you go .
  • adjust if nessecary and be patient as all pups are different .Slowly build up to 100% complete meal .
  • Once your happy that your pup is eating 100% completes and stools are perfect, you can one week at a time try new proteins and explore diy .
  • Always exercise caution when feeding bone pieces and supervise at all times.

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