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What to feed your dog :

Remember the raw feeding ratio 80:10:10  – which is around 80%  meat (incl. heart, tripe etc), 10-20% bone , 10% offal (this should be 5% liver other 5% offal such as kidney, spleen etc).  However, this is a rough guideline and should be tweaked to suit each individual dog - for instance lots of dog owners feed around 15-20% bone and as little as 5% offal. Either way it usually comes to somewhere in the region of 50-70% of the diet as lumps of meat with bone in...the remainder of the diet being made up of boneless chunks of muscle meat, incl heart/tripe etc, plus a small amount of offal like liver & kidney. On top of this, many feed a couple of eggs a week (whole and raw).

*Please note , you don't have to try and make each meal stick to the 80-10-10 ratio , however over the course of a week you need to make sure that all the meals combined would be somewhere in that region of the ratio to make it a proper balanced raw diet .
A good way of doing this is to plan your dog(s) meals out for the week ahead .